Someone on the tv
was digging his own grave
he saved 7 souls
in a week

Hitchcock talks about
ghost towns
and I can feel the wind
on my cheek

the tv stops time
or slows it way down
but then suddenly
a lot of time has passed

"The more I prayed,
the more I could feel
the fear," Peter Falk says

The neighbor dogs howl at sirens
and I can not sleep
for the incompleteness
of the day
that had been--

I go outside
and look for the red glow
in the north
from super solar flares
specks of light
all over like a screen
of energy
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RAW sounds of nature

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You can use IT to listen to the sounds of nature while reading, meditating or simply for fun.
To make something sound, select sound field over any channel and do not forget to move the volume up toggle. Can also add to the composition of other sounds by selecting them for other channels.
If you click on the button "Export to File", you can save the selected composition of nature sounds in .wav file.

Код можно взять у P_I_Fa
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Keep Going by Joseph Marshall III

KEEP GOING by Joseph Marshall III

Keep Going...is a compilation of spiritual insights and advice given over a period of years by my maternal grandfather. I wrote this piece during a particular difficult time to remind myself of these profound words to find the strength to keep going.

Joseph M. Marshall III

Some Music

Some Music

Moon happened to listen
as I tried to organize my consciousness
while the wind danced
like a whirling dervish
beneath the aleppo pine

Yesterday was like a movie
without end
bits of information
scattering across space-time

then there was love
like a gathering,
making shape out of chaos
into something like a moonstone,
secret and delicate
peach and blue-grey
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She searches the radio
for a night song
a blend of Texas and new age
her room lit up by holographic bingo lights

she plays dice
emptying her woe out the window
singing along:

“Be kind to your disguises
Be kind to your sins
Be kind to each other...Amen.”
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mahkoonsa kiilhswa (Young Black Bear Moon)

mahkoonsa kiilhswa (Young Black Bear Moon)

February 7, 2014

Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa (Young Black Bear Moon) is one of two lunar months named for the American Black Bear (Ursus americanus).  To the best of our knowledge, this month is associated with the fact that it is around this month that Black Bear cubs begin to emerge from their dens.  The start of this lunar month marks weehki-kihkatwi – the Myaamia New Year!  During some years, the maple sugaring season begins during Mahkoonsa Kiilhswa; in general trees and animals begin the slow process of waking up as pipoonwi (winter) ends.

from a great blog here: http://myaamiahistory.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/mahkoonsa-kiilhswa-young-black-bear-moon-2/